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Opus One YELLOW GREEN Glow-in-the-dark Glass Tile / 1 sq. meter box (10 sheets)


Opus One YELLOW GREEN Glow-in-the-dark Glass Tile / 1 sq. meter box (10 sheets)

$ 389.50

Box of 10 Tiles
1” Square Glass Tiles on 12.25” x 12.25” (312mm x 312mm) mesh
Box Covers 1 sq. meter / 10.67 sq.ft.


Our Opus One Mosaic line consists of a photoluminescent mosaic made up of 1” square glass tiles on mesh, and is available in various mixed colors of yellow green, blue and aquamarine shades.  Our mosaics create an unforgettable emotional experience, and are ideal solutions for kitchens, wellness centers, swimming pools, bathroom environments and much more.  Recharging by using the sunlight or normal electrical light, they give off a stunning glow when exposed to darkness or dimly lit areas.  Multiple color configurations are available, some in both gloss and flat versions.  Lucedentro mosaics can all be ordered in monochromatic or polychromatic solutions, using different photoluminescent colors, or using a combination of photoluminescent and non photoluminescent colors, thereby increasing design versatility to meet customers’ personalization.


All of our mosaic tile lines are available for customization by way of direct design imprint to the tile itself, allowing for custom designs for individuals, as well as proprietary product lines for surface companies.

(note: all products were brought into the sunlight for approximately 10 seconds, then taken back inside for photographs.  These photos were taken by us and no brightening has been done for "effect"   --  The glow of our products will always vary from installation to installation, and is directly dependent on how dark the area in which items are located and/or installed, coupled with the source of light that charged them and for how long.  Supplemental and/or artificial lighting, timers, and even the use of additional UV/black light will always help and enhance and maximize the glow of all of our products.   The glow and recharge ability of our products is second to none, and will technically last for the life of the actual product itself!)

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